This Solar Panel is Awesome!

These EnerPlex solar panels are 19 watts of power, Made in the USA, in Thornton, Colorado; they would be helpful in a homeless camp

Want a bigger solar charger that has the ability to work alone or  can be link together? Here it is.  The Commandr XII gives you an extraordinary 19 watts of power that will keep you powered up through any situation. Through it’s attached converter, the Commandr XII can charge laptops, tablets, and more. You can keep your gear charged up while  on or off the grid. Always have the Power!

Donate this powerful Solar Panel Charger for $249.97 

The Commandr XII solar charger is easily folded  to 186 x 340 x 17 mm (LxWxH) [7.3 x 13.3 x 0.7 in.]Solar CIGS Panel

It is very lightweight at only 1.65 pounds, that is only .75 kg

It has the power of the sun!  Output: 27V Voc, 21.0 V Vmp, 1.1A Isc,93A Imp (USB Port, 12V, 19V)

Made with flexible CIGS solar,  it is far superior than other solar chargers