We are a Solar Company in the USA

striving to provide help for the homeless through Solar.

Our mission is to provide portable, lightweight, flexible, solar panel chargers and battery packs to homeless people.  These  will provide them the  ability to have electrical power, from the sun,  to charge small electronics such as cell phones, lights, radios, gps, tablets; simple things that will make homeless life easier and more secure.  The lightweight battery packs, charged by the solar panel chargers, can be used for power into the night.  

 These are the finest quality, Made in the USA, EnerPlex solar panel chargers and solar-powered battery packs  (click to open page),  allows you to be “in charge” anywhere, anytime.

Solar power is our future, and who can use portable power more than people without homes.  Just because they don’t have a roof over their heads and power at their fingertips, there is no reason they can’t at least have the dignity of being able to communication with others.  Help us help others by donating a charger and/or battery pack;  they are useful, fun, and futuristic, giving the dignity and peace of mind to always be POWERED UP!